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Welcome to Clarksville Dental Center, Dr. Gray!

WE RECENTLY JUST WELCOMED in a brand new doctor to our Clarksville Dental Center family and we are so thrilled to have her! Dr. Gray has been a lovely addition to our clinic and we are so excited to see all that is in store for her!

We Did A Little Interview With Dr. Gray So You Can Get To Know Her!

Dr. Gray is from Princeton, KY and she attended the University of Louisville and graduated with her undergrad in Psychology and Pre-Dental. She then went to the Louisville School of Dentistry where she graduated. She was also a NCA Champion Cheerleader!

Who Does She Look Up To?

When asked who her role model was she replied, “My mother, because she has always just been someone I truly admire and look up to. She is fully of strength and wisdom and traits that are truly something special.”

Why Did She Choose Dentistry?

We asked her why she chose dentistry as well.. and she responded, “I wanted to be hands on with my patients, and I felt dentistry was the way to go. I went through extensive ortho/dental work when I was younger and I believe that by me going through all of that it helped shaped my dream to be a dentist. I really wanted to give back and be there for the patients like my dentist was there for me.”

What Are Dr. Gray’s Hobbies?

Dr. Gray said that some of her hobbies include: going to the lake, sports games, family gatherings, running, hanging out with her sisters, and being outdoors.

We are so thrilled that Dr. Gray is on board with CDC and we look forward to many years together!


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