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  • Mindy F. says:

    I have gone to Dr Renfroe for a few years now. I have never had a more compassionate and thorough dentist in my life! I was always apprehensive about going to the dentist until I found Dr Renfroe. He takes the time to answer my questions and makes sure I’m as comfortable as possible during my appointments. They have lots of access to care since they’re open nights and weekends so I don’t have to take off work.

  • Jeff E. says:

    Dr Renfro is the best dentist has the easy hands when working on ur mouth

  • Shelby L. says:

    I had my teeth redone and my gums lasered there and Dr.Montee was hands down the best dentist I’ve ever come accross. They work with you and there is a very friendly environment. I have lost retainers before and they have replaced them same day. I will never go to a different dentist ever again.

  • Charlotte christie says:

    Way to go Dr.Wald

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