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National Children’s Dental Health Month!

THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY was National Children’s Dental Health Month! Clarksville Dental Center was very happy and excited to celebrate this great event! In honor of February we partnered with Governor’s Square Mall, and we spent a week out at the mall with the public to celebrate!

We were at Governor’s Square Mall from February 15th-February 21st. We were able to meet with all sorts of people and their children. We got to meet people who wanted to become patients and others who were just looking for some good information concerning their children and dental health. Clarksville Dental Center was eager to share all the information we had for the public and all the children who came to visit us.

Our Doctors Came Out For It Too

It was definitely a clinic event. We had three of our doctors come out and visit the display set up in center court at Governor’s Square Mall where our Public Relations Coordinators Heather Hensley and Nancy Rushing spent the entire week! They worked so hard to put this together for the public and for Clarksville Dental Center.

Big Thanks To Everyone Who Helped…

The patients were very happy when they saw that we had our doctors out with us. We want to give a huge thank you to Dr. DeWald and Mrs. DeWald who came out almost every day to the booth set up, also a big thank you to Dr. Edington who came and helped and Dr. Renfroe and Mrs. Renfroe who came as well.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at Governor’s Square Mall. We couldn’t have done this without and you and we hope all enjoyed the week we spent at the mall!


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