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Dr. Ernest Mcelry “Mac” Edington DDS

OUR VERY OWN Dr. Edington has been featured in University of Tennessee Health Science Center “Dentistry” Winter 2014 news magazine. This is the article of which he was featured in.

“Golden Graduates”

Dr. Edington, a 1963 alumnus of the College of Dentistry, wanted to see former classmates and celebrate the ongoing success of the Health Science Center.

The Golden Graduates

He served as a change agent for his class and assisted the Alumni Office with inviting his classmates to attend. “The alumni folks did a fantastic job,” said Dr. Edington. “They provided us with a list of all the 1963 graduates, and I started calling right away and encouraging them to attend.” Once on campus, Dr. Edington and other Golden Graduates had lots of time to see the progress that’s been made since their days in school, most notably the expansion of the Dunn Dental building, thanks, in large part, to their contributions.

Dr. Edington’s Expertise

“We have always had an exceptional dental college,” said Dr. Edington. “Those of us who were here 50 years ago know that it was one of the most difficult professional schools to get into.” Dr. Edington now knows that his professors and the College of Dentistry were doing him and others a huge favor by setting the bar so high. “When I joined the Army, UT dentistry alumni already had a reputation for excellence throughout the service,” he said, adding that this legacy continues to this day. Dr. Edington’s first assignment was in an Army hospital dental clinic. Within six months, he was tapped to serve in the hospital operating room. He is certain he knows why he was singled out for this honor. “It’s because I graduated from the UT College of Dentistry,” he said. “Our expertise was sought out because we were always the lead dog in the team.”

UT Credentials

Dr. Edington especially enjoyed the camaraderie of being with his former classmates and the free time set aside to mingle with graduates of the other colleges. During the free times, he engaged in some lively conversations with graduates of the other colleges and started listening to their stories. “Until I started to talk with people from the other colleges, I didn’t see the need for having all the colleges come back together,” said Dr. Edington, who was trained with only students from his own college. However, when he talked with graduates of the other colleges, Dr. Edington discovered that their experiences were similar to his. “Their credentials as a UT grad were always highly valued by the institutions where they worked and opened many doors throughout their careers,” he said.

Golden Graduate Medallion

For Dr. Edington, the most personally significant event of the reunion was the Golden Graduate ceremony at which he received his Golden Graduate medallion. “I was touched that UT thought enough of us to provide these specially designed medals to honor us for what we have done.”

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Clarksville Dental Center is so proud to have such a wonderful dentist on staff!!


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