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Doctors and Higher Education!

AT CLARKSVILLE DENTAL CENTER, we have three main doctors. Dr. DeWald, Dr. Edington, and Dr. Renfroe. In addition to these three doctors we have multiple associate dentists! Each and every single one of our dentists are always striving for higher education to be able to provide our patients with the best care they can get.

Dr. Edington And Dr. Taylor Are At The MidSouth Dental Congress In Memphis, Tennessee

The weekend of March 7th, Dr. Edington and Dr. Britney Taylor attended the MidSouth Dental Congress which was held in Memphis, TN! It was the 19th meeting. Dr. Edington is part of the Alumni Board and Clarksville Dental Center is one of the hosts. Dr. Edington was one of the founders and original chair member.

Through this program they have raised and donated well over millions of dollars to the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry. We spoke with Dr. Edington yesterday and he said he has been having a wonderful time, attending scholarship luncheons and many continuing education classes.

Dr. Britney Taylor joined him at this great event and she took the continuing education classes as well. They are both learning about things such as dental related sleep apnea, and lasers in dentistry.

Meanwhile, Dr. Renfroe Is Doing A Mini Residency At The University of Alabama

Dr Renfroe is currently attending an IV Sedation mini residency at the University of Alabama Birmingham’s Oral Surgery Department. While there, he will undergo extensive training in the practices of IV and oral sedation. This will add key services, available to many of Clarksville Dental Center’s patients who may need extensive dental care or who may simply be nervous about coming to the dentist.

Dr. Renfroe strives to provide comprehensive, world class care to his patients and is excited to offer this service which will be available sometime in the summer of 2014. Dr. Renfroe currently offers advanced dental services such as implants and implant supported dentures as well as many other traditional dental services.

We’re So Proud Of All Of Our Dentists

We are so very proud of our dentists. All of our dentists are always striving for excellence and updating themselves on the newest information, knowledge, and technology in dentistry.

Here is a link to the MidSouth Dental Congress website! Check it out and see what our dentists are up to!


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